Inductance coil and transformer

Release time: 2023-07-20

Inductance coil: When there is a current in the wire, a magnetic field is established around it. Usually we wind the wire into a coil to enhance the magnetic field inside the coil. The inductance coil is made by winding the wire (enameled wire, yarn bag or bare wire) on the insulating tube (insulator, iron core or magnetic core) by one turn (the wires are insulated from each other). In general, the inductor has only one winding.

Transformer: When a changing current flows through the inductor coil, it not only generates an induced voltage at both ends of itself, but also enables an induced voltage to be generated in a nearby coil. This phenomenon is called mutual inductance. Two coils that are not connected to each other but are close to each other and have electromagnetic induction are generally called transformers.

Inductance Symbol and Unit

Inductance Symbol: L

Inductance Unit: Heng (H), MilliHenry (mH), Micro Heng (uH),1H = 103mH = 106uH.