• Product Description
    • Commodity name: MCL4532M121-5G15
    • Commodity ID: 1131280445896019968
    img P/N MCL4532M121-5G15
    Product Description SMD PULSE TRANSFORMER
    Number of Ports Single
    Speed 5G BASE-T
    POE Rating POE
    Rev A0


    1. Meets IEEE 802.3AT Standards.
    2.Storage Temperature:-40℃ To +85℃,Operating Temperature: -40℃ To +85℃;
    3.SRP: Conforms to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020;
    4.Solderability:Conforms to ANSI/J-STD-002;
    5.Packaging with tapes and reels;
    6. 100% Lead(Pb) & Halogen-Free and RoHS compliant.

    Electrical Specification at 25℃
    Parameter Specifications
    OCL 120uH Min(100KHz,0.1V With 8mA DC Bias)
    Turns Ratio 1:1±5%
    DCR 2.0Ω Max
    Cww 35pF Max (100KHz,0.1V)
    Rated Current 350mA Max
    Hi-Pot PRI To SEC(1500Vrms)
    Insertion Loss -1.5dB Max(0.5-250MHz)
    Return Loss 0.5-100MHz 100-250MHz
    -16dB Min -10dB Min
    Schematic Dimensions

    Unless otherwise specified all tolerances are:0.25 mm



    Tel: +86-769-86636536

    Address: QingFeng East Road 295#, Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.

Key words:

wound common mode filter

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The integrally formed inductor includes a base body and a winding body, that is, the winding body is embedded in the metal magnetic powder and then pressed and cast. The SMD pin is directly formed on the surface of the base body as the lead-out pin of the winding body, which mainly solves long-term operation under high current conditions and can stably supply power and filter. As the volume of electronic products becomes smaller and smaller, the power becomes larger and the electronic components become smaller, the development of high power. The integrated inductor is also developing simultaneously. The smaller the volume, the more suitable it is for other industries. The development of integrated inductor in the future is infinite and huge, and it can replace the traditional I-shaped inductor, glue-shielded inductor and magnetic-shielded inductor.

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