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Hongqi Electronics (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. was established in November 1996. It belongs to Taiwan Hongqi Technology Co., Ltd., a Taiwan-funded enterprise, specializing in the production of network filters and high-frequency transformers. It has nearly 30 years of operating history in the mainland. Set up branches and manufacturing plants in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Sichuan, etc. Now the company expands production, and invites male and female general workers (both skilled and familiar, preferred)



  1. Good health, good eyesight, hard work and hard work, holding my true and valid ID card.

  2. At least 18 years old.

  3. Obey the factory rules and regulations, and follow the proper management of cadres.

  4. Those with relevant work experience are preferred.


Salary and benefits

  1. Wage standard: basic salary (1720 yuan) + full attendance award (100 yuan) + job allowance (300-900 yuan) + performance evaluation award (300-1200 yuan) + seniority award (30 yuan/year) + usual overtime pay ( 14.83 yuan/hour) + weekend overtime (19.77 yuan/hour) + night shift subsidy (20 yuan/day), probation period is about 3500-5000 yuan (to work according to company regulations), skilled employees can reach 4500-6000 yuan.

  2. There is no charge for food and accommodation, the dormitory is cleaned by a person, clean and hygienic, comfortable and quiet living environment.

  3. Enjoy paid annual leave and take a day off every week.

  4. Pay social insurance according to the regulations (senior care, medical care, maternity, unemployment, work injury).

  5. There are also seniority awards, excellent employee awards, irregular meals or extra meals at various festivals, etc.

  6. On the birthday, the company sends cakes and exquisite gifts.

  7. The company organizes outbound tourism once a year.

  8. Comfortable working environment, the workshop is equipped with air-conditioning, and all work in a backrest chair.




Tip: If you meet the above requirements, please bring the original ID card to apply

Tel: 0769-86636536-808 Contact: Miss Li

Address: No. 295 Qingfeng East Road, No.1 Industrial Zone, Juzhou, Shijie Town